Un cumpleano divertido

26 09 2010

Another fun week down here- first of all, last weekend, a few of us went to a town nearby called Bernal, which seems to be notable for 2 things: it is a cute, sort of touristy town with interesting shops etc. It is also dominated by an enormous monolith, not unlike Devils Tower! It is really dramatic. We did the relatively easy hike to the base of the rock, although since it was a bit rainy, the clay/sandstone was pretty slippery. To go any further, you need to be ready for some serious technical climbing Рropes, carabiners etc. There were some climbers there and the practically vertical face looked like a pretty serious project to me.  Some people we saw on the trail took it all quite a bit less seriously, and were literally just wearing slippers or heels!

Afterwards, we went to a place I was really excited to check out – a Freixenet vineyard! Before getting down here, I hadn’t known Freixenet did anything outside of Spain, and I was shocked to find they’re actually really close to Qro! Given that Freixenet is pretty much my go-to cava in the states, I was pretty excited. Unfortunately (but not surprisingly) they don’t do cordon negro here- only a few other lower brands that I hadn’t heard of. But it was still a really cool place to visit. We took a tour of the cave (in spanish) and then bought a few bottles, some cheese and chilled out and listened to the mariachi band. Would have been even better if it hadn’t been raining, but it was still a lot of fun! Will definitely have to go back.
And Monday was my birthday! Since we all get together first thing Mon mornings for general weekly announcements, our training manager Regina led a rendition of Happy Birthday in spanish and english. I was very touched by the card that Brian and Kelly gave me, signed by a lot of fellow trainees and staff. Then that night, a bunch of us went to College Bar for some post class drinks and of course Mon Night Football. I had been discussing my love of pudding w/fellow southerner Blake not long ago and she actually created a banana/chocolate pudding/vanilla wafer concoction for everyone to share for the occasion, in true southern style. Surprisingly, given the popularity of jello down here, pudding is hard to find, and I think the waitstaff was a little confused, but we all enjoyed it. She and Caitlin also baked some cookies which were delish. Later that night, Christian, Anne, Becca and I went to a nearby bar (one of 2 unrelated Selva Taurinas in Qro) and hung out with the owner and ‘enjoyed’ the house specialty: mezcal, not soaking with the traditional worm, but with a 4 foot rattlesnake! Quite a birthday and I even felt fine the next day!



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11 10 2010

awesome. bernal is on our list

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