Viva Mexico!

19 09 2010

Another busy couple weeks down here… lots of stuff going on in Qro for the bicentenario. Its really pretty incredible that we happened to be here for it! We saw some incredible traditional dancers – los concheros, I think – by the Templo de la Cruz. And the first of a couple days of pretty insane fireworks. Mexicans seem to love their juegos pirotechnicos- even more than Americans!Attached are a couple pics but I don’t think they do them justice. At the templo, there was this big tower that was loaded with fireworks on all sides, and a dude climbed up it to light the different bits off. Lots of spinning contraptions- which would spin flaming bits into the crowd. But all in good fun. The climax was when the top thing spun around and finally launched itself about 100 feet up! And then of course it fell into the crowd too.  We have way too many liability lawyers in the states to allow such fun to occur there. And on the bicentenario itself, there were of course much bigger fireworks. A bunch of us were at the Plaza des Armas which is where the traditional ‘grito’ takes place. El Grito is an annual tradition in every big town in Mexico- where the alcalde, or mayor, repeats the historic shout that Father Hidalgo made during the fight for independence. Its something like ‘Viva independencia! Vive libertad! Vive Mexico!’ Now they also mention a few historic people: Viva Allende! Vive Hidalgo etc. And then the crazy fireworks go off- like right over the crowd!

Overall the festivities were really, really cool, muy chido. Also, got to meet a bunch of PCVs who were in town for Country Director Byron’s ‘retirement’ party and passing thru on their way to Mexico DF. One thing that a couple of you have asked about is security. I guess its not surprising but it seems the US media is only interested in the border area. Down here in Qro (and in most of the country I’m told) security is just not a big issue. The border is very far away… there are cops around, fewer than NYC but to me it feels at least as safe.

I also managed to get to lucho libre. Not that I’m an expert, but it seemed like the farm team for the WWF. And just as cheesy. It was at the Qro Arena, which looked like high school gym built in the 70s. Except between the cheap seats (~US$6) and the VIP seats (~US$12) there was barbed wire! We sat in the cheap seats.

Also went with a bunch of fellow PCTs and watched the Chiefs spank the Chargers last Monday night- American football is somewhat popular down here. Finally, we finished up our trip to Puebla last weekend, which was a lot of fun. I’ll try to get some more pics from there up, but here’s a batch from the last week or so…



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