I’ve mostly been a corporate and entrepreneur type (and ska swing trombone player) who’s embarking on a 2+ year stint in the Peace Corps in Mexico! Needless to say, this blog represents my views alone.

And by the way, the header is neither photoshopped nor is it a stock photo- I managed to take it from my old roof deck in Brooklyn!


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22 01 2009

I’m impressed….not bad for a start-up.

13 08 2010

Hey Drew, I’ll miss you! Let’s definitely do some video phone chatting through Google. I have a new Gmail account. I can’t wait to hear from you. Be well, Jen

31 08 2010

I’m impressed how quickly you’re jumping into the culture. I like the travel log via the blog. Hope you’re feeling better from the bug.

Talk to you soon. Scott

21 09 2010

Drew Zoller – just saw the Kaiser update. That’s awesome that you’re headed into the Peace Corps. But…isn’t there an age max for that kind of thing? Sorry.. just had to… That’s payback for your ‘larger than life’ comment when I stood up next to you in our office… it scars me to this day! (j/k)

Good luck!
Michelle Doyle

21 09 2010

Thanks Michelle- I’m sorry my comment made such an impression! And yes, I am a little older than your typical PC vol- although here in Mexico, believe it or not, the average age is about 50! Mostly mid-career and folks who are retired. We’ve got 4 PhDs in our training group of 40- for Mexico, they’ve mostly wanted folks with specific skills, either tech or business.
How are you? you’re in SF at Apple, no?
All the best,

21 09 2010

Rocking. Sorry to not connect before you busted loose. Look forward to the updates!

“esto es Zoller señaló desde el centro de inteligencia de negocios de México”

21 09 2010

Thanks Kent- hope things are great in SD. Let me know if you’re ever down in central Mexico!

20 10 2011

Hi there … my name is Shaz and I am serving PC Belize. Your profile caught my eye as I too consider myself and entrepreneur…

Anyhow, I am writing because I am coming to Mexico (Cancun) to use a timeshare and am looking for PC deals in that area…particularly interested in inexpensive dive shops as I just got certified. Can you make any suggestions? Or do you know of a PCV who lives in the south who’d know? I would love to meet some of you if you live in the southern portion. Two married couples are coming with me. So there will be 5 of us. 🙂 Let me know…we will be there from the 5th-11th of November.

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