1 02 2012

Had a really good day at work today- finally sat down with my boss and counterpart and hammered out a plan for the course on business planning I’m going to teach. It’s been a work in progress for awhile between Hilda and I, but it looks like they want to move forward with something soon- now I have about a month to get a curriculum together! Given how we managed to pull the taller series together, it should really be plenty of time. I think it will only be 2-3 hours a week for 4 weeks or so. We’ll see.
I think it will also help a lot with the curriculum work I’m doing on a project for Mexican university students, along with some other PCVs (and former) and some students from MIT. We did a week-long seminar a few weeks ago for students here in Queretaro which was very well-received- the idea now is to develop a longer course (probably 5-6 weeks) to be delivered over the summer.
Other than that, played a fun show a couple weeks ago here in town, and have a show coming up this weekend in Irapuato. Unfortunately I had to miss the tour this past weekend in Michoacan. But hopefully we’ll get some shows lined up soon for this new blues band I’m playing with.
And to cap it off, I had a great steak dinner tonight (which I’ve been craving) and caught up with pal Ana!



5 responses

1 02 2012
Christian Latino

Keep up the good work, bro.

5 02 2012

thanks buddy, you too.. got a funny story i need to tell you one of these days about running into Laura the other day- or maybe you’ve already heard it…

2 02 2012

Glad you’re doing so well Drew! Exciting developments!

5 02 2012

Thanks Sasha, things are pretty good, maybe you guys should plan a visit!

6 02 2012

Hey Drew,

That is awesome! Sounds like you’re having an impact with the groups you are working with. Sounds exciting. Scott

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