Música indígena

4 12 2011

Some strange weather here lately.. not to say I miss December NYC weather right now, but its a little tougher to handle low 40s at night after having sun and mid to high 70s during the day.. I think our high altitude (+/-6000 ft) is the reason for the wide swings. And central heating is quite rare here- neither my apartment nor the office are heated so it stays pretty chilly inside this time of year. Thank god for space heaters!

Been laying low this weekend but last weekend was a pretty busy one- we had a fun show last Friday down in DF. It was for this festival of ‘musica resistencia’ which (not surprisingly) basically means resistance music or music of the resistance. Whatever, it was at this big park/hill where they also have the biggest passion play in Mexico every easter, which I coincidentally went to last year. Probably close to 10k people when we arrived, and since we were in the performers’ area, we could go around in front of the stage during the other sets. I stood in front for the show of this big reggae star from Chile and there were grown women right behind me climbing on the fences screaming his name and taking photos all through his set. I thought it must have been a tiny bit like an old Beatles concert or something.
We were the second to last band – right before the headliners, a big Mexican reggae band called Antidoping- but unfortunately, we went on at about 12:30. Since the Mexico City metro shuts at 12, a lot of people had split, although the guys in the band estimated there were still probably about 3 or 4k folks there and that seemed right to me. In any case, it was certainly the biggest show I’ve ever played. A few pretty drunk folks got a little out of hand during our set and started fighting and almost pulled the barricades down, which was amusing. I hate to say it but ever since my days in TSC I always like when stuff like that happens at shows, I feel like it means we’re doing our jobs, we’re putting some strong energy out there or whatever.
Here’s a video, although its not that great. Its from very away, you can’t see the excitement up front unfortunately. But reminds me I came across a bunch of other videos of other shows from the last year recently. They’re below too.

Anyway, good times. I came back that night with a few guys from the band and got back home about 6am. Then Sat night I went to a birthday in a little town about an hour away called San Luis de la Paz. A bunch of PCVs live there and I had been wanting to visit for a long time. Its very close to a major national park area so I definitely need to get back out there at some point for some hiking or fishing maybe.

Also, had a nice Thanksgiving with a few PC folks. We had a very traditional Oaxacan dinner, including some tasty coconut pulque and some exceptional pumpkin pie!



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7 12 2011

Hurray for your new posts! Enjoyed the music too!

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