Back in Mexico

6 10 2011

I actually drafted this a couple weeks ago but it didn’t get published! Will write a fresh post soon…

So once again its been quite a while since I last posted… And needless to say a lot has gone on. I am very happy to be back in Mexico after the unexpected time spent in the states and doing my best to get back into the swing of things. Went running today for the first time in fact- can’t say it felt all that great but what can I expect?
But since coming back I’ve played a couple shows, one here in Qro the weekend after I returned, when we played at Jardin Guerrero – on the stage I have wanted to play on since I first saw it! It was really a lot of fun, was a beautiful day and a big crowd. Nortec Collective played later that night – they’re an interesting hybrid of banda and dance music and they put on a good show.

Been feeling pretty good about work lately too. My counterpart Hilda has recently been asking my opinion about a number of different opportunities the center has received and we’ve had several conservations about them, and I’ve also written up some thoughts on them for her. What I’ve been realizing is how much opportunity the center has to learn about the idea of customer value and getting an understanding of their business priorities, rather than just being good order takers. I think she liked some of my ideas as she has continued to ask about a number of other things that have come up. It’s become a very consultative role I’ve dropped into, and I feel like I’m giving them some perspectives or at least ways of looking at situations they aren’t used to. Its pretty cool. I’m not sure exactly how far its going to go, but I figure as long as they keep coming back for more, they must be finding what I’m saying at least somewhat interesting. Some of these things may turn into bigger internal projects, where they want to get time to explore some of these ideas more fully- I’ve been recommending spending some time analyzing past projects done from the perspective of customer value, and spending some time interviewing customers. I’m hoping some of this stuff will actually pan out. But at least I’m feeling like I’m earning my pay.

Ok, now I’m on the road to Cholula where I’ll be for the grito (the shout of Hidalgo) which is tonight, the night before Independence Day. Then we’re going to a beach in Veracruz for a few days tomorrow. Getting an early jump on celebrating my birthday, which is next week. Very excited. I almost missed the bus in Qro actually, because el presidente Calderon made a last-minute surprise trip to Qro for the grito, which royally screwed up traffic- fortunately it not only made my cab late, but the bus too.

And I’m planning a party for my 40th for next weekend. Its my friend Ana’s 27th the following week so we’re trying to put something good together. Was going to be on the roof of a local cafe but they’re unfortunately having problems with their liquor license so it may be at a friend’s house instead. But planning to have the band play among other activities.. Should be a fun way to celebrate Mom giving birth to me all those years ago, and me still being here to enjoy it;)



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6 10 2011
Christian Latino

Welcome back!

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