Que semana

25 11 2010

Wrote this last week actually, but it was a big week and finally getting decent internet at my place. Will write again soon… Happy Thanksgiving from Mexico! I’ll be joining a bunch of PCVs for dinner, and bringing an apple pie from a bakery downtown run by a guy from Maine!

For starters I write this having just eaten an omelette with salsa verde and queso chihuahua that I made here in my apartment! So lots of news, but I’ll start at the beginning.

For starters, this week was definitely one of those big transitions in PC I’ve heard about- among other things, of course, I became an official PC Volunteer! Wednesday was the swearing-in ceremony and it was actually really, how shall I say, satisfying, rewarding, completing, perhaps? There were a bunch of speakers, both PC people and representatives from the Mexican agencies we’ll be working with. Both Madhu and Betty from our group talked and gave really impressive speeches (at least what I could understand of Betty’s which was all in spanish.) I was very happy about the speeches, because I had talked to both of them when they were each on the fence a bit about speaking, about why I thought they would terrific people to represent our group. I like to think I had some small influence;)

Also, the #2 guy from the US Embassy in DF, John Feeley, spoke and gave an impressive talk also. He is clearly a diplomat and I have to say I was pretty happy that people like him are representing the US around the world. This is a guy who is quite charismatic and charming, and also very intelligent. Clearly could be making some bank in the States doing sales or something in business. But obviously committed to doing something different with his life.
I also moved into my new place! It was very sad leaving my host family, Julieta, Mariano, Mariano2, y Lalo, but I’m sure I will see them again soon. I must say I was quite delighted with how things worked out – they were really great and I’m sure I will stay in touch with them. I also have them to thank for hooking me up with Eugenio! I spent a lot of time (and money) the last few days getting things sorted out, and I think its in pretty good shape. I made 4 or 5 trips to the local super-grocery store, called Mega, and have now gotten most of what I need- dishes, glasses, basic cooking needs, and basic food. I also walked to the WalMart today (about 45 mins away) and was wildly whelmed. Not only did they have a crappy selection, things are much more expensive than in the states. The rumors about how disappointing it is are definitely true- I think they must assume they can get away with it because of some sense its ‘cool’ to shop in an American store. I doubt I’ll be going back. I also swung by the mall thats up that way- its really quite fancy, with prices to match. Not sure when/why I’ll be back- not exactly the PC style I don’t think.
Since getting the place set up, I’ve even made a couple meals – and had pal Sarah over for a last-minute dinner tonight- my first official dinner guest.
And tomorrow, I start my new job! After all the training and planning, its hard to believe its actually here. I’m a bit nervous, but I think it will be good. More to report soon – and with photos – soon.



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26 11 2010

Happy remote Thanksgiving. I am following and enjoying your adventures, and glad that you’ve found occasional places to play trb. It seems a terrific program in which you can actually have effect, and, in the process find tons of personal and greater-than-yourself things to learn.
Still playing at playing: Alfredo MArques has been filling in for you at Centre, which found ways to program without trbs for the first concert. (As with each of us, Alfredo’s eyes and ears widened noticeably upon first hearing the clarinet…) Now I have three in the next ten days or so at three different groups, so that’s satisfying. The jazz groups wax and wane, so I’ve starting a new five-piece group to start in January.
We had the youngest here from California this week, and we all skyped to Thailand to talk with the oldest. They are all painting, music-ing and dancing up a storm.
Keep well and posting.

30 11 2010

Great to hear from you Terry. Glad to hear you are still fighting the good fight at the Center Symph, and more importantly have some other gigs. Sorry I won’t be able to catch you and the 5piece.
Mexico is quite an adventure. Really learning a lot more about my work these last few days, and think chances are good I will be able to help out. Needless to say I am learning about some interesting stuff too. Oh yeah and the daily battles with spanish rage on and on…
Thanks for checking in. I hope you, Patch and family have a great holiday season.

20 12 2010

Sounds like you’re doing really well, Drew. I have to admit, I did a bit of a double take on all these photos. Slightly different than Burkina Faso šŸ™‚ Anyway, we’re proud of you here in Peace Corps’ New York Regional Office. Keep up the great work!

20 12 2010

thanks for checking in Lisa! Yes, periodically I have to remind myself that I really am in PC- my life down here often doesn’t look like the stereotype;)

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