Una fiesta muy ruida

12 09 2010

I’m writing this at about 1:30 am because there’s salsa music blaring from the church next door. Supposedly its some festival. Probably has something to do with the bicentenario too, which people are really excited about here- its next Thursday!
Its been a busy couple weeks since the last post so I’m going to break this into 2 posts.
I’ll let the pics do most of the talking but here are some highlights from the rest of the viaje last week:
– we finished our sector trip with a visit to San Luis Potosi, a good sized city about 4 hours from Qro where we visited a polytechnic university that’s only 10 years old but is very impressive and is already becoming a big draw for science students around the country.

– I visited some touristic highlights in Qro last weekend, both for our ‘rallye’- sort of a scavenger hunt around Qro- and cruising around on Sun trying to check off items for our ‘passaporte cultural’, a collection of about 30 things we’re encouraged to experience- its all kinds of things, like going to a soccer match, a bullfight (yes they have them in Qro), a lucho libre wrestling match (I think I’m going to one tomorrow!), seeing a local play, attending a quincineria party etc. We’re supposed to check off about 2/3 of the list and I think its a good way to make sure we’re getting out and experiencing things.

– celebrated fellow PCT Jason’s birthday at a sports bar that is pretty much a dead ringer for an American Applebees or something. Its imaginatively named ‘College Bar.’ I was planning on having my own cumpleanos in a couple weeks somewhere a bit cooler, so I hate to say I think I’ll do it there after all: they have some serious birthday specials, which is nice for poor PC trainees like us.

Captions coming soon…



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