Un viaje ocupado

2 09 2010

It’s been a busy couple of weeks since my last post but here are some of the highlights. I:

– had a full week of classes in espanol and other subjects of varying degrees of importance in Qro (Queretaro)

– had numerous vaccines (with many more to come)

– discovered a great place to buy pinatas (spider-man, iron man and semi-naked women seem to be popular choices)

– saw snow in Mexico! and a volcano!

– went to 2 Starbucks and discovered that their offerings (drinks, snacks and prices) are almost identical to the US!

– got one of the best shoe shines of my life!

– did a Skype video chat as part of our training (not very exciting I know, but who knew the Peace Corps was so high tech)

– ran into what seemed to be Mexican Critical / Criminal Mass!

– saw probably the first 2 dozen or so of the hundreds if not 1000s of churches I’ll see down here!

I also found some interesting bars and met some American estudiantes who are here on study abroad from college- Qro seems to be a popular place!

So its been busy. I am now on a week-long road trip with the grupo de transferencia de tecnologia- the group of PC aspirantes that will be doing tech transfer (in case you didn’t guess) for our service. We are visiting several centers that are run by CONACYT, the agency that manages Mexican gov’t research in science and technology. We are now in Puebla (where I’ll be back next week as part of a PC volunteer visit) and we’re heading to San Luis Potosi tomorrow.

We have gotten a lot of presentations from different scientists here at the Puebla center, called INOAE- many of which have been extremely interesting and impressive- the ones I could understand at least. The projects included:

– a high altitude gamma ray detector/telescope that is being built here with major sponsorship by the US NSF and many US universities.

– a materials/computer science project that is developing cheaper ways to produce ICs

– a new naval communications guidance system

– a new type of UV sensor system

Walking around and listening to the presentations, I sort of had to keep reminding myself that I really am in the Peace Corps and not doing a consulting project back home. What is being done here is really impressive- and what we’re doing doesn’t much match up with the idea that Peace Corps is all about building houses and teaching English in Africa…

Anyway, I hope the pics can do these latest adventures justice!



4 responses

2 09 2010


Que viaje, bueno trabajo, mas interesante! Como decidiste ir a Mexico? Ya hablas Espanol o estas apriendiendo alla en Mexico? Las clases a los cuales vas a asistir tratan solamente de la idioma o de varias cosas distinctas pero en Español?

Saludos de Miami,


3 09 2010

Hey Russell- great to hear from you! I’m living in Mexico for the next 2.5 years and working for the Mexican agency that manages govt R&D in science and tech. As you probably noticed from the post, the Peace Corps sent me! We have 3 months of training before our service formally begins, which includes different kinds of training but is mostly intensive Spanish study. Hope you’re well!
All the best,

3 09 2010

Drew! I finally checked out your blog again and am so happy to read that all is going well. Sounds like you are very happy to be stationed in Qro. You really are smack dab in the middle of Mexico! And you’re already having sexy times…awesome. All is good here. Hope we can connect by email or vid soon. Be well, Jen

9 09 2010

Shana Tova! Me parece que tu vida es fantastico!!! Buena suerte con todo!!!

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